Grey Velvet Wedding Wrap

Grey Velvet Wedding Wrap

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Grey Velvet Wedding Wrap

A marvouously large velvet wrap is the perfect must have wedding or bridal accessory. This warm velvet wrap can be worn draped over the shoulder, low on the arms or wrapped all around to get a warm snug comfort. It can be fastened with a pearl, diamond, or Swarovski brooch pin. Perfect for weddings for mothers of the bride, bridesmaids or a special event or occasion.

Our velvet wraps can be made to order and are available in the following colours; ivory with ivory lining, white with white lining, fiesta red with cherry red lining, silver with silver lining, black with cream lining, burgundy with burgundy lining. If you would like to order any of these or a specific variation of this item please contact us.

A decadent velvet wrap will add the touch of vintage glamour and beauty to your wedding day.

Approximate size

Length – 216cm

Depth – 60cm