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Golden Globes 2014

Awards season officially kicked off this weekend with the 2014 Golden Globes.

Stars of both the big and small screen threw on their best dresses in a bid to outshine each other on the Golden Globes red carpet but while some dazzled (hello, Jennifer Lawrence), others will be remembered for all the wrong reasons (yes YOU, Heidi Klum).

But far be it from us to decide who was best and worst dressed, which is why we’re asking you to channel your inner Joan Rivers and cast your vote in our gallery below…


la-ar-golden-globes-2014-worst-dressed-20140112-photos worst-dressed-goldenglobes2014 Worst-Dressed-Stars-Golden-Globes-Beverly-Hilton-Los-Angeles-CA-01122014-Lead01 golden-globes-2014-worst-dressed-zooey-deschanel-lily-rabe rs_1024x759-140112174757-1024-wrost-dressed-golden-globes.ls.11214_copy embedded_sandra-bullock-2014-golden-globes-dress RED best-dressed-Golden-Globes-2014-Kate-Beckinsale-0113-1 golden-globes-2014-500x250 Classic-Beauties embedded_Michelle_Dockery-2014-golden-globes-dress golden_globe_2014 Best-Worst-Dressed-Women-Golden-Globes-01132013-lead01-600x450 e5d0b3f5-ff4e-44a2-9f84-651ae388594c-620x372 Emma Roberts 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals eab87d26-1081-449a-9e82-157422518066-320x480


and the beautiful pregnant stars…



That’s it for our round up, hope you enjoyed.



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