Spring Weddings

Spring Weddings

March 20th marked the first official day of Spring 2015, meaning the countdown has well and truly arrived for you Spring brides!

Pastel colours are always a favourite colour scheme at Spring weddings and as they compliment a bride’s white dress so well – why not let your bridesmaids choose a pastel colour each? Picking just one dress to fit and suit all your bridesmaids can be a daunting task! So opting for the same, or similar, style dresses in varying shades is a simple (and unique) solution.


As the weather begins to get better it becomes more of an option to have an outdoor wedding, from beaches to forests to your very own backyard…the possibilities are endless!


Long tables decorated with flowers and candles make for the perfect outdoor reception dinner. Live music will add to the rustic feel of your wedding and be an original soundtrack to your first dance as man and wife!
We love these birdcage centrepieces, decorated with bright, fresh flowers and using pieces of wood for table numbers is an original way to show your guests where to sit.


Use elements from the setting you choose to bring your outdoor wedding together! Perfect examples are shells lining the aisle or spray painting leaves as decoration.

Don’t be afraid of the weather ruining your big day, those April showers could make for some beautiful photographs…

Umbrellas can be the picture-perfect prop, have them in varying colours from your wedding for the guests – you could even personalise them with your names and wedding date for unique wedding favours!


Whether it’s this year or a few still to come, we hope we’ve given you some ideas to inspire your Spring Wedding!