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Best of British Weddings

Best of British Weddings

Are you proud of our Great Britain? …. So much so that you want to style your wedding Best of British?


bobritish wedding


Being a very proud to be British company here at Wonderful Wraps we thought as it’s that time of year where the sun is finally starting to shine and the Pimms and strawberries are starting to creep out..  it was about time we gave you some inspiration for your Best of British wedding! We have had such an exciting time looking at all the amazing things you can do with your wedding to theme it Great Britain…


So we start festival with a few lovely venue ideas…




Whether you love the idea of a double-decker bus already white and blue umbrellas or perhaps just the union jack flag on your invites…


imagesffwedding brit


Or perhaps you are in the centre of our capital city and can hire a iconic black cab ….




The red white and blue theme is beautifully dramatic and patriotic… Easily attainable with flowers…




And the wedding food is also easy to there…. From starters, nibbles or fruit…. To the big amazing Wedding Cake………


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Even the wedding alcohol and throwing in some beautiful bunting to complete a look… Or go wild with a few deckchairs as we found here for your guests or the bride and groom to sit on…


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And if you really want to go for this show stopping peace… Look no further than our very own union jack lined wonderful Wraps full-length cloak…. www.wonderfulwraps.com


union jack cape cloak weddingtiaraWedding_Tiaras


Or the coloured accessories for the bride or a Princess wedding Tiara……

Wonderful WrapsWonderful WrapsWonderful Wraps


We hope you’ve enjoyed a cool Britannia look?!

Enjoy your planning and the sunshine summer is here everyone…

Katie x