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Cape Sensation – How to accessorize your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Cape Sensation – How to accessorize your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding


Hey there, lucky Winter Bride! Winter has well and truly come but whether or not the sun comes out, I feel quite warm inside in this season. There is, as some say, love in the air… there’s joy in the air. And if you are getting married in this season, then all I can say is Lucky You!!

Winter weddings have become all the more fairy tale like now that capes, cloaks, capelets, and boleros have come into fashion… You have to cover up but how you do it will set you apart. At Wonderful Wraps, we are all divided in favourites. Many girls love their shrugs or boleros… not me. I love the warmth and comfort of a cape and a stylish wrap!












A crocheted cape is something that looks vintage. It gives the lace effect but provides warmth too at the same time.


Lace capes are so gorgeous! And the best part is they show your gown so well.

FannyLiautard’slook is dreamily romantic. Especially the hood… I love this one very much!

Monique Lhuillier on theother hand has managed to make the lace cape look very sophisticated and elegant, if it isn’t that already…


A short lace cape covers your shoulders and keep them warm, adds romance to your dress (Yes, this needs repeating J ) and keeps the rest of you free…













Here is another one by Pronovias. Lovely, isn’t it?















Capes come in all material… which one is your favourite? Mine is fur… darling, I love fur capes so much that I could sleep in them but I wouldn’t, would I?

This stunning number by Stephane Rolland takes your breath away… I can see a couple of girls here at WW HQ taking details… The train is lovely for your wedding look..and don’t you just love the feather like trimmings?

Satin capes are silky smooth and makes you feel beautiful from within… Satin capes lined with fur give it just the right heaviness to keep you warm and snug.









Satin Capes should be lined for warmth and fall. Just check before plunging. After all, a cape is for lifetime, isn’t it? Hoods also add to the mystery and romance… and of course, the warmth!
















































Organza capes are warm yet at the same time light and have a beautiful sense of airiness. Even though organza is essentially a summer fabric, luckily, this rule does not stand when it comes to capes and cloaks.

As the fabric is light, you can enhance it by adding floral embellishments, crystals or satin pipings…

Take a look at this organza cape with ostrich feather hood… enchanting…



















And the Oscar de la Renta cape really gets the prize!! How beautiful is this!!










Feathers really make a cape burst into life. Always dramatic, capes go up 10 notches in drama with feather. The choices these days are amazing though the most popular remains ostrich…

The best part if feathers can made you look like a queen, it can give you a hippie look, it can arouse the tribeswoman in you… extremely versatile and can be dyed in all colours, feather capes are definitely there on a list.









This one gives a Pocahontas look and I really love the way it falls… Would love to have it in my wardrobe!

Here’s a peacock feather cape which carries on from Vera Wang’s peacock wedding dress. I am not sure how far I can carry it but some girls really could…


























Finally, let us meet the mother of all capes, the velvet cape! It lends a lot of richness to the beautiful bride. It not only spells royalty, it also comes in many colours that you can choose from to brighten up your winter wonderland wedding.

Doesn’t this red cape look regal and drop dead elegant?

And what about this green cape? It has such a beautiful fleyr de lys panel…



















As winter officially starts, and winter wonderland weddings begin, here’s raising a warm glass of eggnog to you, Royal winter bride in a beautiful cape… May you float your way into a wonderful wedded life!