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8 Lace Winter Wedding Ideas – bring a touch of summer to your Winter Wedding

8 Lace Winter Wedding Ideas – bring a touch of summer to your Winter Wedding

Lace and peonies…and pearls…and lights… ahhh, romance is truly in the air. A lace wedding needs attention to detail and it really helps if you love being creative. There are many ways in which you can add a touch of lace to your wedding. Here are some lace ideas I have to share with you brides…

Lacy Invites. Start off with your invitation cards. The easiest way to incorporate lace in your wedding cards is to use a doily as an envelope. You can use square, round or oval doilies, cut them if you must, use a bit of ribbon or string to tie it up…maybe fasten a small floral embellishment and you have your own beautiful lace invites…

You can have lace designs printed on the card…

Real lace can be wrapped around the card in a beautiful way…




Lace bouquet. A lace bouquet is beautiful and can go down from generation to generation. The flowers can be made from your best friends and close family. It will be a great strength to you while walking down the aisle.

      If you are using flowers and would like to incorporate lace, tie the bouquet or use one lace flower within the floral bouquet.






















Lace with candles and lights

Romance takes a step ahead when you add lace to those candles. Lights peeping through candles can take us back several years and will bring out the romantic in all. Use lace around the candle holder. This is easy and can be done by yourself with a roll of lace, a pair of scissors and tape or glue.

You can also stick doilies on light fixtures and hanging lamps. Lace fairy lights can also be made at home in some very easy steps if you want to do it on your own.



























Use lace to wrap favours. Lace bags look very pretty to gift your mementoes in. They can be tied with string or lace, depending on your theme. You can add pearls to them.




Favours such as handmade soap can be directly wrapped in lace.

Favour boxes can have lace print or you can add lace in innovative ways.









Lace ornaments. Lace headpieces are not just romantic, they can be extremely attractive and striking.

Lace earrings add a whimsical touch to a bride. You can buy them or make them yourself using a piece of heirloom lace.

Lace collars and chokers bring back old days and are simply terrific for a winter vintage wedding.


















































































Lace accessories. Lace gloves are eternal. They add romance, they add grace. They add elegance. In any kind of wedding, be it garden or church, outdoors or indoors, vintage or champagne…lace gloves will always, always fit in…




















Lace umbrellas will not just be decorative and can prove quite useful especially on sunny winter weddings.







Lace leg cuffs bring a plain pair of silk shoes to life!




Lace shoes too look so good. In fact you can keep wearing them later with delight. Keep them with care. Lace purses and clutches go very well with wedding dresses, even if they are not in lace.

Lace fans bring out the Victorian in you…

These and many more accessories can be used. Just do not use them all together in an overwhelming way. The trick is to keep it subtle but also to make lace stand out… you cannot be too subtle!

























































Wedding décor. Runners or table cloths have to be of lace if you are planning a lace wedding. You can use a lace rolls and just do these yourself in no time.

Tie lace into bows down the aisle with a sprig of Baby’s breath…













Place cards can have lace elements engraved or have actual lace on them.









And then we come to the main element of the wedding…the cake! A lace wedding look really go that extra mile if the cake also has elements of lace in it…





























These are just a few lace ideas that I have always loved… you inspiration from these and add so many more or different lacey touches to your wedding… why don’t you share a few of your ideas with us too? Have fun with your lace inspired winter wedding…