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Strictly come Dancing…

Strictly come Dancing…

Do you dance? I really don’t..but I love watching others dance, especially on dance shows. I applause with the audience, judge with the judges, and cry with the participants. For the past eight years, I have been glued to ‘Strictly come Dancing’ or Strictly 🙂 on BBC 1 and it really has nothing to do with the fact that Wonderful Wraps have been supplying the show for 3 years now with their feather and fur accessories or that I don’t have a date on most Saturday evenings…  I mean I almost passed out when I saw Jerry Hall wearing our stunning ‘Marabou Feather Stole’ on the opening night that time in 2012 but this is really not why I love the show.

With both National Television Award for Most Popular Talent Show and British Academy Television Craft Special Award, Strictly is not just being watched by me. The format has been copied in over 40 countries and ever since its beginning in 2004, Strictly has been going strong, recently beating X Factor by 2.3 million viewers!! There is something uniquely magical about this show… the stars seem more human, more like you and me…


I used to think the costumes were cool in 2004 and I think the costumes now are cool, but do you realize costumes have undergone a lot of change? While you have long gowns in 2004, they are becoming racier now, keeping up with the times, and with our tastes. For instance, see Natasha Kaplinsky in 2004

and then in the X-mas special, 2012…


110814_1041_Strictlycom4.jpg 110814_1041_Strictlycom3.jpg


Which one do you like? I love both!!

And didn’t Zoe Ball really rock the floor… loved her supremely! It’s really a pity that Claudia missed the show to take care of her child but then Zoe really filled in those shoes and how…110814_1041_Strictlycom6.jpg

And what about Ola? I thought her make-up was fantastic on Halloween week!



By the way, Kevin and Frankie have already been announced winner by us at WW HQ… Listen to us, folks… we will even take bets on this one!




Strictly come

And are you swooning over Aljaz yet? I know Alison looks great but I really don’t because I never took my eyes off him!! Lol!!!

The costumes till now have really been great this year. Halloween has so far been my favorite but Movie night wasn’t far behind.110814_1041_Strictlycom8.jpg






Caroline Flack’s dress looked beautiful on the first show. Love the golden glitter… and those sandals were to die for.







..and not only was Frankie’s waltz gorgeous, so was her dress…can very well imagine a bride in it!









Joanna Clifton’s white dress looked great too… I especially liked the thin gold belt…and the neck…The fabric’s light and the dress seems good to wear at a wedding reception as well as a dinner…

I still go back though longingly to the 2013 finale dress of … you guessed it… Abbey Clancy J There was such feminity and grace in that floral embellished dress…graceful yet young and vibrant. The empire cut made it all the more elegant.

110814_1041_Strictlycom12.jpg 110814_1041_Strictlycom11.jpg




The dresses with hand stitched spangles sell for around £1600. Most dance costumes on the show, I recently got to know, have a leotard as a base. No wonder they are so confident!  Speaking of confidence, had you watched the Christmas special in 2011? I loved the way Debra Stephenson walked in with a WW Marabou stroll on her arms…Looked absolutely stunning!!! This was also the beginning of the bond between WW and Strictly

I particularly love marabou feather (which is very like ostrich feather) stoles, because they are luxuriously soft and of exceptional quality. You can loop it over your arms as done by Debra Stephenson, wear off the shoulder as done by Tess Daly in 2013 Christmas, or throw around your neck.  No matter how you wear it, you will manage to look a stunner. Jerry Hall also wore our feather stole. Tess Daily loved hers so much she ordered another in black to wear to a New Year’s Eve party.

110814_1041_Strictlycom16.jpg 110814_1041_Strictlycom13.jpg 110814_1041_Strictlycom14.jpg 110814_1041_Strictlycom15.jpg 110814_1041_Strictlycom18.jpg


In the meantime, I have applied for tickets to this year’s Final and Christmas special, along with 1.5million fans … maybe I get to see Bruno Tonioli, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Craig Revel Horwood live!! Maybe I get to applause awhen Kevin and Frankie get the trophy (trust me on this one!) and they really hear me…I am off to my own cosy world of dreams…and till don’t forget to strictly come dancing!!110814_1041_Strictlycom19.jpg