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Jewellery and Hair Accessories

Jewellery and Hair Accessories





It’s funny how quickly winter sets in…Just yesterday, I was hating the rain and now I’ll have to start hating the snow…just joking!! LOL! Serious though, the year has flown by and winter’s finally here. I went with a friend to Tower of London yesterday and oh my! The poppies were so gorgeous. It made me sad too thinking of our soldiers who have lost their lives but this is a wonderful gesture and I gazed at them for a long while without speaking.

Speaking of winter, I have been digressing… Just been through a few copies of Vogue and what do I see? Big is in… yes, bling is well and truly in… flowers too seems be trending.

Most of the shows highlighted big chunky cuffs with furs…

Check out this sixties inspired look from Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 show… I love the way the plain lines are broken by the bracelets… chunky bracelets can be worn in singles or in pairs.



Our inspired look has the same chunkiness for the bride so that you can remain in fashion and yet be traditional.

Our Vintage inspired Swarovski crystal bracelet just fits the bill.



























Cuffs as I said are very much in… cuffs of leather, cuffs of metal, cuffs with feathers… in fact any and every kind of cuff is in! We at Wonderful Wraps are absolutely thrilled by this trend and focusing a lot on our big pieces… Let’s take a look at some of them.

This one below by Roberto Cavalli is gorgeous.



And what about these ones by Burberry, Zac Posen and Lacroix? Big, eh? This is the trend in the runway… I, for one, am getting used to it though others are simply loving it.












Chanel’s bracelets are focusing on pearls. There’re pearls, pearls and more pearls. Here’s one that I loved and would wear any given day! We have also combined pearl and cuffs to give an exquisite fashionable blend.

Don’t you just adore this one?







With Downton Abbey’s fifth season about to get over, head pieces continue to rule… Although it’s been some time since Lady Mary’s wedding, her head piece is still my favourite.

Red Carpet celebrities have been wearing the trend and we at WW are thrilled at the variety and range.




In the runway though, it is more of flowers this season. There are flowers in plenty with all kinds of looks. Here is
Dolce and Gabbana’s floral look…Stunning isn’t it?





As for Desigual’s show, I just loved, loved, loved the flowers… which girl wouldn’t? This is a lovely trend for brides as well as bridesmaids and flower girls.

As a bride, these delicate rose hair pins would just put the spotlight on you. Try flowers of different colours and shapes…


For instance, this large vibrant pink, coral peony flower held with a strong pin. It would not only brighten any dress, it would add so much fashion and class to the bridal






















The hippie look of the 1960s is well and truly in. And how better to celebrate than by more and more flowers? These burgundy vintage orchids also set off your hair very well.



Earrings and necklaces are a bride’s main pieces… they not only showcase her beauty, they add to the beauty. As the trends go for long and dangling, we at Wonderful Wraps have added designer earrings to our collection that are long and will draw attention to your face.

Our necklaces can be worn not just as a bride but will go very well with any cocktail dress or on an evening out.






Chanel as always has focused on pearls and we too love pearls and used this as an excuse to create some gorgeous pearl earrings and necklaces.




Take a look at the hanging earrings from Oscar de la Renta.





This season really seems very beautiful and it’s as if spring’s come in winter. I love all the romance in the air with the flowers and pearls and crystals, don’t you? Here’s wishing you a very sparkly season full of bling and beauty…