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Curvy Brides

Curvy Brides

Dressing a curvy body is hard to do even on the easiest of days. So to dress a curvy body for a wedding could seem like a daunting task. All a curvy bride needs to get ready for her big day is a few amazing tips.


Knowing your body is the first step to success. What are the areas that make you the most uncomfortable? Dress for those areas. If you’re a curvy bride, knowing your trouble spots takes you one step closer to feeling like just another bride in the bridal shop. As with most clothing choices, your body shape will decide your dress shape.












There are certain details and designs that you can add to wedding dresses to make it work for you. Being a curvy bride does not mean you don’t get to try on all the new, cute accessories, styles and patterns of the season. You can still enjoy all the wonders that the right wedding dress has to offer.





If you would like to hide that midsection, try some ruching! Those pleated gathers can help hide, divide and subside any feelings of discomfort with your tummy. Would you like to cinch in that waist? Try a belt! And not just any belt; go for the bling if that’s how you feel. Bling makes every woman feel beautiful. Sparkle like you know you can. A curvy bride and all don’t let your voluptuous size steer you away from the styles that you most desire.







Many curvy brides think that strapless, pattern and embellishments can’t be made a part of their bridal experience, but why not? If you like strapless, try it on! Being a curvy bride does not mean a particular style will not work for you. Try on an asymmetrical dress. They are flattering on many shapes and give your look a little oomph!Patterns work for curvy brides, too. Don’t let anyone tell you different. If you’re scared, try something small. You can work your way up to that magical overall patterned dress in the corner of the store.























Sleeves can be a girl’s best friend. They can come standard, custom or through a complete piece like a shawl. So you don’t have to be worried about your favorite gown being strapless. Put that strapless gown on, find a shawl and show your entourage that you know you.
















You know you can rock it; you know you can pull it off. Forget about those naysayers. They will always be there. But this is your one day to be as fabulous as you want to be and no one can say anything about it. So don’t let them. Be you. Be fabulous and be contagious.


















Straps are a wonderful invention. They are so wonderful that you can put them on almost anything! Do you need to cover your arms; be a bit more modest; or need to hold up your girls? Get some straps! Strap it up, add a sleeve and see how great you feel because of it. Straps and sleeves can bring so much elegance to a bridal gown. Any curvy bride can pull them off. They will not let you down. Literally, they keep you up and perky with just a hint of coverage if you like. Take those sleeves and run down that isle. Let them see you strut!














A curvy bride has so many option for success that there is just no way to fail. One wrong dress does not mean you won’t find the one; it just wasn’t that one. Don’t let an ill fitting dress get you discouraged about the rest of your journey. Once you know your body and your hearts desires, the right dress will be screaming your name.