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7 Top Honeymoon Destinations

7 Top Honeymoon Destinations

The wedding’s over and the band’s playing the Honey Song by the Beatles:

I’ve got the sun in my heart
And my heart’s in the sun.
Skies are as bright
As your eyes,
The horizon is open.

And both of you rush off…where? In case you haven’t decided as yet, I thought I might be of some help. I not only love to travel but I also love daydreaming and in most of my daydreams, I am travelling. There are many popular honeymoon destinations and here are a few of my favourites…


Hawaii is probably the top of the charts in this case. With most travel agencies declaring this to be the top honeymoon destination, Hawaii sure deserves your attention. In case you are thinking, sipping tropical drinks by the beach isn’t really your thing (it isn’t?), there are canyons and volcanoes as well for your bit of adventure. As Hawaii is also a popular holiday destination, you will probably want some ‘alone’ time which will depend a lot on your choice of hotel.

Turks & Caicos

If your heart’s on the sun, you will surely love coming here with your beloved. Grace Bay Beach, the world’s number 1 beach right now according to travel pundits, will probably be where you want to be and never, ever leave. You can snorkel, you can be adventurous, you can dine by candlelight, you can live the ‘deserted island’ fantasy… in fact, sweethearts, you can do almost everything you would want to on your honeymoon.




Hey! I can see your eyes brighten up. Mine are too. So are a lot of eyes here at Wonder Wraps. Cross my heart, there’s probably nothing as romantic as romance in France. Paris of course has to be on the list. Even if you have been there before, a hundred times, darlings, let me assure you being in this heavenly city with your husband or wife for the first time as a couple cannot be beat. From here, you can just drive down to Loire Valley. Or what about the French Riviera? I can see a few hands raising there J… or maybe just go nude together in Cap d’Agde’s ‘village naturiste’… now I can see your raised eyebrows!



Among the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations, Greece enchants you be it with Santorini and its white villages or the islands of Mykonos, Sifnos or Lesvos. It’s best to keep Athens short and sweet. There is plenty you can do in Greece. The trick to a great honeymoon is realizing that you cannot do it all! Do less but in slow romantic style.



If you select Bali as your honeymoon destination, you certainly won’t be alone! Start off with a romantic and relaxing Balinese massage…I can assure you this is something you will remember for a long time, especially when you are feeding your kid in the middle of the night. There are coffee plantations, rice terraces to explore, beaches to just laze in, hot springs to say aaahhh in, and Balinese cooking classes where you can cook with each other. Explore the islands or just be with each other…whatever you do, I’m sure you love it!



South Africa

From a budget to a super luxury honeymoon, you guys can get it all in South Africa. At Wonderful Wraps, all of us love animals and the thought of being so near wildlife on our honeymoon really leaves us with no choice but to vote for South Africa. From luxurious tents to budget bush huts, every option is unique. You can go for safaris, visit a winery, have a private dinner on a cliff under the stars… I don’t know about you, I am off!!!


St. Lucia

St. Lucia has become quite synonymous with Jade mountains but there are many, many more options available that are not quite this expensive. A paradise with hills, beaches, volcanoes, green valleys, this is the Caribbean at its best. Plan a trip to a sugar plantation or experience traditional life at Fond Assou. Go take a look at the Kouwes snake or just sip drink in the pool gazing at the ‘Piton’… It is really no wonder that St. Lucia is so high on the list of honeymoon favourites.



…and here it comes…Italy! I can sure her your sighs. Did you think I forgot about it? Not me1 I was just saving it for the last J What do I say about Italy? I can just go there again and again and again…and discover something new each time. Let us start with Venice. If your proposal wasn’t in a gondola in Venice, this is obviously the place to start. I would then move on to Tuscany because romance is best served here. And from here you can visit Florence, Chianti and Lucca… Rome perhaps isn’t really made for honeymoon but you can of course make a small detour from the Amalfi Coast.

Wherever you go kids, have fun and don’t forget to send a postcard to us here at WW Hq!