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Winter Wedding Locations

Winter Wedding Locations



A winter wedding need not be the only theme a wedding in winter has. I mean, aren’t you tired of the snowflakes and pinecones? Cross your heart…? Well, for people like you and me who would love to have a bit of fun in their winter weddings and also stand out from the crowd, let us take a look at some beautiful choices for winter weddings.


Winter Vintage Wedding

Winter is probably the best season of the year to have a vintage wedding.How about going romantically vintage? With just a hint of baby pink and sprigs of baby’s breath, the entire location gets a softness that provides the perfect setting for the bride in her vintage lace gown, a fur capelet and a beautiful 1920s head piece.

102714_1637_WinterWeddi1.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi2.jpg

What about ‘Black and white vintage’? I love this one.. With splashes of bright red thrown in, black and white is a fantastic colour scheme to use in Winter… Use sparkly chandeliers and ice sculptures to complete the look.


We at Wonderful Wraps feel that in a wedding, it is the location that can truly create the unique wedding experience. With winter vintage in mind, a few girls here went location hunting and stumbled upon a treasure right in the heart of Bournemouth. The Print Room is a beautiful, opulent, award-winning, vintage wedding location. We felt as if we went back to the 1930s (and the Downton Abbey fans in the group almost swooned with pleasure). With gorgeous chandeliers, crushed velvet sofas, impressive vaulted ceilings and huge marble floors where 400 people could easily fit in, this is the place for a ‘Great Gatsby’ kind of a vintage wedding. Not only that, it’s listed in The Good Food Guide and its 2AA rosette can provide you delectable menus for a buffet style reception, oyster bar or an eight-course meal. The bride of course has to expel luxurious! A headpiece, beautiful fur and pearls will go a long way…

102714_1637_WinterWeddi5.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi4.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi6.jpg


Winter countryside Wedding

Classic styles will prevail here with warm traditional food and hospitality. Think of a tweed and boots theme. Not only will you be comfortable, your guests will love it too. ‘Warm and traditional’ need not mean dowdy, sweethearts, so do not get scared. Reds are absolutely in and think of a red country wedding that while very much traditional in style is absolutely luxurious and stunning!

A manor is the best location for a countryside wedding. There are many available to hire as wedding venues and I absolutely love them all.  102714_1637_WinterWeddi7.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi8.jpg

Long sleeved gowns and you could go the whole way here… for a whimsical element, add colour with country essentials like a pair of purple boots, perhaps, or a red shrug? What about a hooded cloak? I also fancy lovely riding boots in a countryside winter wedding myself. They look gorgeous and are a perfect way to keep you warm and comfy.  102714_1637_WinterWeddi10.jpg


Keep floral arrangements simple and informal for a rustic feel. Or, on the other hand, some at WW HQ think that this is also where you can do the most formal arrangements and have a very formal and luxurious country wedding.

102714_1637_WinterWeddi11.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi12.jpg


Bridesmaids would look beautiful in fur shrugs and bright dresses.

Food, of course, has to be very good and traditional. A sit-down dinner overlooked by a butler would really be the perfect way to top off a downton inspire wedding and lot of manor houses that are available for weddings also provide excellent footmen and other such arrangements.

It is always better if expert chefs at the location itself can provide the food. Ask for a tasting and ensure that you are getting what you want. Sit down with the chefs, discuss your themes and then just relax on the food front. This leaves you, the host, free for making those final touches perfect!


Winter Beach Wedding

A beach wedding may sound a little unconventional in winter but believe me, there’s nothing as delightful as a day in the beach with family and friends on your special day.



Be covered well with a furry cloak or cape, do away with heels and have a great time. As the beach is a big place, make sure you have appropriate signs to show the way… Ilove these wooden signs, don’t you? Have a place for depositing shoes and keep some snuggly sandals for guests to put on… It’s the little extra touches that make a wedding!

It’s always better to have an indoor location nearby so that you can dash inside in case of a weather change…I always loved the idea of a sea food cookout for a wedding…You too will love it, darling, as this will just melt the ice like anything… Set up an oyster bar with beautiful cocktails too, have a seafood buffet and just swing…

102714_1637_WinterWeddi14.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi15.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi16.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi17.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi18.jpg


The Ice Hotel Wedding

For the most exotic experience of your life, get married it the Ice Hotel, in the beautiful Ice Chapel. Couples come from all over the world here and you will have to make reservations a bit ahead of time. The prices for the couple include return flight tickets from Heathrow (Can you get a better deal anywhere else?!!). The hotel only exists between December and April. The ‘quaint’ chapel is consecrated every Christmas day. The church is also open to same sex marriages.

102714_1637_WinterWeddi19.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi20.jpg


For the bride, the best colors would be frozen pastels such as frozen blues and pinks… but that’s not saying you cannot absolutely shock everyone…go ahead, wear purple if that’s your colour!


As for décor, isn’t ice the best? With lights and ice around, you really do not need anything else to create beautiful memories that will remain even if the hotel and church will flow away in spring… to say the ice rooms will make your wedding night special is to put it very mildly…

102714_1637_WinterWeddi21.jpg 102714_1637_WinterWeddi22.jpg



You now have some great choices to choose from.. If I were in your shoes, sweethearts, I would definitely make sure that they were glamorous ones… pun absolutely intended! Have agreat winter wedding!