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Real Life Wedding

Real Life Wedding

My gorgeous husband and I met whilst we were both youngsters, 21 & 22 as students at the University of Pretoria. We saw each other for the first time at a mutual friends’ 21st birthday, and the connection started right away. We both knew we liked each other, even though we didn’t know each other well, and we started dating 2 weeks after meeting each other. We’ve been together ever since. Both of us graduated from Varsity, after which I started working in a corporate environment, and he started his own business.




Six years later, after ‘growing-up’ together and progressing in our careers, he popped the question on old years’ eve, whilst we were on a family holiday in one of my favourite places, Paternoster, on the West Coast of South Africa.

The adventure of wedding planning & dress shopping started immediately – we made our wedding planning a journey, and we made memories with every item that formed part of our wedding. Our wedding venue was in the Natal Midlands, at a venue that we both loved from the start, Netherwood. My wedding dress was a Sophia Tolli dress, and sent to me all the way from New York.














My bolero was from Wonderful wraps all the way in the UK. I took a risk in ordering all my items from various places – and at the end it formed a beautiful picture, all the Ivory colours was exactly the same & matched perfectly, I didn’t have to change anything, it was such a blessing. My husband bought his Hugo Boss wedding suit whilst on holiday in Florida, and his wedding shoes came from France. We really made a journey out of it – and the memories we made whilst planning the wedding, was just as great as the actual wedding.







At the wedding self, we wanted to keep the personal touches all over – for started we asked the chef to make my great-grand mothers fish cakes, as part of our mains we had our best friends pumpkin tart, and as desert our grand mother added a fruit cake to the selection.



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We had cheese platters, the chef purchased all the cheeses locally, but as part of the cheese platters we served Fois Gras that my mother-in-law brought from France, and Pata Negra that my husband and I bought a year before the wedding in Spain. We even made the process of getting the food for the wedding a journey – everything complimented each other on our menu, even though we got it from all over the world.


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We have now been together for 8 years, and married for 5 months – and our marriage has been nothing but a blessing for us. I cannot wait for the journey that lies ahead, and the memories that goes with it – and the beautiful items to collect to symbolise our times together.




I wish every single bride and groom a blessed marriage – make a journey out of every event that takes place, and spend time & money on memories, not only on goods.


Love Cherie Jonck