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Autumn Weddings

Autumn Weddings









Hey there, autumn is in the air and what could be more romantic than an outdoor wedding beneath some tall trees with leaves floating down at you… ooohhh, getting the romantic bug, I am for sure. On a serious note though, there is truly something magical about an autumn wedding. If you are planning on having one, we at Wonderful Wraps can help you out a bit.




Let’s start with invites, shall we? Keep it rustic or keep it gold and brown… Colours of autumn include bronze, red, green, I mean colours in the earthy range… not just orange. Lace and brown string becomes good embellishments… Keep it simple, elegant but warm. Autumn does mean from the heart…






















Keep the décor seasonal. If you cannot have an outdoor wedding, bring the golden trees inside. Use huge urns with beautiful leafy branches, or have bronze leaves as a background. I have also seen and loved a tent wedding… tent as in a real honest to goodness tent. Have wooden signs leading the way. To cut across the browns and oranges, have some green foliage arrangements. Using succulents is so in that we at WW feel it must be incorporated in an autumn wedding in some way.

















A nice way of bringing the rings is also on two squashes… Pinecones work as well for autumn as for winter weddings. Warm cocoa and scarves add warmth.




















Bridesmaids dresses can be more vibrant (preferably indoors) or darker monotone (outdoors). Choose tea length dresses as outdoors may spoil the hemlines on floor length dresses. Do add a stole or scarf to their dress so they keep warm and happy J Pashmina is a good, very good, idea and Purple is actually a lovely colour for bridesmaids this season… I can already see the girls around me nodding their heads! Add lovely foliage like ferns and succulents to the bouquets.



























OMG! The cake! Absolutely forgot about it. I have a bit of a dilemma here… some at Wonderful Wraps want to go in for a fruits and flowers theme on cakes while others want a simpler, white cake with small autumn pointers… chocolate is a nice flavor but hey, the bride is the queen of the ball…it’s your day and it’s all up to you, sweetheart. Choose whatever you love.





































And now, here comes the bride!! Are you wearing white, ivory, champagne or any other colour? Decide the colour of your dress first and then follow up with the rest of the décor. A champagne and gold colour scheme can work very well for the autumn bride.

I personally love the vintage look in an autumn bride… paired with a pair of boots. Use lace and vintage accessories to give you a lovely earthly warm look.

Hairpins are a must… this is something all of us at WW HQ agree. Or a tiara. Bling is absolutely in.









Keep make-up natural… warm but not too vibrant. You can go overboard on eyes though… use the kohl and mascara to give depth to eyes… To keep warm, the autumn bride definitely needs a shrug or a stole… to keep warm and also to look great … what say?? Fashion also should be there in your plans, right?







































Add a cute vintage look clutch and you have it! The perfect autumn bride look…

















There, you are ready now for an autumn wedding but wait…what about pictures?? Don’t forget to take the perfect wedding pictures!! Click the rings on a red leaf, take a picture of the two of you under some tall, tall trees… Ask bridesmaids to scatter leaves over you instead of confetti… It would look lovely in your wedding album.



What about wine glasses like these for the bridesmaids, grooms men and the bride and groom? A small memento of the beautiful wedding…













Wishing you all the luck for a wonderful wedded life, we at Wonderful Wraps would love to hear your ideas and see your pictures as well…