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Downton Abbey inspires Fashion

Downton Abbey inspires Fashion


Anyone who’s seen Downton Abbey is sure to fall in love with the romantic costumes of the post-Edwardian era…. There is such a variety for all occasions that we at Wonderful Wraps are quite impressed… the dresses typify the era but can easily be worn today at weddings or other formal occasions.





Empire cut dresses and pearls have made a comeback and Downton Abbey has played no mean role in this… Ladies are starting to wear long silk gloves again with hair pieces that make you sigh…Ralph Lauran clothes and Nicole Richie’s headpieces are becoming one deadly combo!


Susannah Buxton, who used to design the Downton clothes, say that the dresses are not very strict in conforming to the era as they have been modernized to suit today’s audience…. We just know that it pleases the eye and these costumes look gorgeous….


At Wonderful Wraps, we want to see how far we can go with this look… I mean, taking it out of the TV and actually wearing the look… and not seeming too over the top all the time… flaunting your lady Mary and Edith sense of style is easy these days…






We saw a lot of large faux fur coats and elbow length gloves in Marc Jacob’s shanghai Autumn/Winter 2012 collection for Louis Vuitton … reminded us at the WW HQ of DA… Burberry went in for a tweed and country look while Ralph Lauren not only opened their show with the Downton theme music but featured Edwardian fashion and later promoted the show in USA. 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe4.jpg










090414_1606_DowntonAbbe5.jpgAs the show moves on, so does the fashion… Autumn/Winter 2014 collections by Joseph Altuzarra and Reed Krakoff looks at Downton Abbey. Naeem Kahn focuses on late 1920s dresses. Burberry is in 1930 with an aristocratic style….








Long, sleeveless dresses are back… beads and sequins takes us back to 1920s. Diane Kruger in this I love…








….and this one from Sue Wong brings back the look with style…would fit in any cocktail party…




And the afternoon teas… doesn’t this one remind you of DT? Perfect for a garden wedding… you can use a sash around the waist…

090414_1606_DowntonAbbe8.jpg 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe9.jpg



This one here from Vivienne Westwood’s Fall-Winter 2013-2014 reminds me of Sybil, daring and ahead… with a very modern twist of course… Wrap a lovely scarf and there you are…



Ralph Lauren’s dress from the 2012 collection brings to mind Martha Levinson…


Headbands are a must for the 1920s look, don’t you think? Beaded, feathered, pearl embellished…and what not…in fact, the wilder the better… and you can use your imagination…tone it down… In Downton, headbands are being worn usually just at dinner when hats were not there to cover the heads…. In season 5, we hope to see headbands and head pieces in the day as well.

090414_1606_DowntonAbbe13.jpg 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe12.jpg 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe15.jpg 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe14.jpg



And isn’t this silk organza handbag totally Lady Mary?







….and this pearl encrusted one is just right with your beaded dress…090414_1606_DowntonAbbe17.jpg








Cloche hats with wide beams and shallow crowns are the hallmark of DT… with a tulle strip wrapped around the beam, looks very pretty, don’t they? I think so too….


A silk scarf over your arms is sooo 1920s… and these floral ones here are very Sybil and Lady Edith…

090414_1606_DowntonAbbe20.jpg 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe19.jpg


To make the DT look complete, shrugs are in, capes and capelets are in… Very DT it is too… and all we can say is thank god winter’s near …

090414_1606_DowntonAbbe21.jpg 090414_1606_DowntonAbbe22.jpg090414_1606_DowntonAbbe23.jpg

And now, as we at Wonderful Wraps wait for Season 5 of Downton Abbey, cheers to high fashion…