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Games Of Thrones Must Have Style

Games Of Thrones Must Have Style

Games of thrones

Games of thrones, this year’s most talked about TV series…… that we are all crazy about…. The imaginary drama with the off the wall fashion, which is bringing new and weird trends to the catwalk….. This wonderful drama has brought us weird and old fashion in the TV world. Here at Wonderful Wraps we are not sure if we are impressed with this new imaginary fashion or just interested at the craziness of it all…..

Games of thrones hit the sky-scraping dressing Cersei fashion, with costumes that are inspired by many cultures, especially Japanese and Persian ancient styles ……………….. Who would have thought??? The show has such a variety of types of costumes, like the ones for Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane .. probably our least favorite because of the harsh climate of them.

Another amazing costume is Dothraki, which is made out of fish skin, to resemble with the dragon scale…. Mad on anyone’s level……

Now this is a little more like it and slightly taimer.. some of the girls are in Royal style dressing, and the long cape here is slight Marc Jacobs esk… remember the one he dressed Gwenith Paltrow in???? We are loving the high neckline and funnels neck, very catwalk AW 2014. Then we move on to the dresses of prostitutes ….. obviously designed wisely, to be able to be whipped off at any moment.. oh er mrs!!!

Some of the major roles have got a very unique style to say the least …. How could we forget Khaleesi … who is mother of dragons? Her dressing’s styles takes us in other world… not to mention and the bird in her dress.

Desert tones have simple but stylish dressing; this style is dominating in real life at the moment too.

One of my favorites is Lady Melisandre dressing and probably her personality too, she looks like a ruling lady in her wine tones and maroon look.

Roksanda has come up with the minimalistic gown, which really looks awesome, simple yet effective.

And we move then on to the truly weird…… Brienne of Tarth .. not sure where to go with this one….. glad its not my wardrobe.. that’s all I have got to say…..

But here at the WW HQ we really appreciate the new ideas in dressing; some of the dresses are so unique and crazy like the dressing of Gilly. She looks out of the world in her wild dress.

The clear and clean lines of the functional amours dresses will no doubt be appearing on the AW catwalks later this year…


You cannot deny the beauty of hairstyles in this series too…… About two dozen wigs are used for the actors and they are apparently all made of real hair. Hairstyling demands time, like the hairstyling of Clarke consumes is a two hour job!! I feel a little astonished to see the freaking and weird hairstyles.

But the most interesting thing is the dramatic-ness of the costumes and wigs and how they change the visual imagination, like the dress and wigs of Clake and Dothraki, really appear like they are not too fond or a bath or shower!!.

Along with all the interested hair, makeup and clothing we have seen some super interesting jewelry being used. Santa Stark’s necklace for instance has made everyone fanatical. We along with everyone else watching the series is desperate for one..; Santa a completely filled with beauty and grace, her poised jeweled hair net is completely changing her look.

So to wrap (pardon the pun) up this blog today … here at WW HQ the team and I love the imaginary fashion, crazy hair, wonky makeup and stupendous jewellery….. Game of thrones is just our favorite and we will not be missing a minute……