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New US Bridesmaids Trends – Flashing your butts!!

New US Bridesmaids Trends – Flashing your butts!!

Flashing back bridesmaids trends

I often like to find out the latest trends of wedding dresses to give you ideas for your big day. Here I am going to chat about some fabulous ideas for the bridesmaids which will add an extra attraction on the day. There are several combinations I found with the dress styles, colors and of course the matching accessories.

Asymmetrical match in dresses is one of the best options where bride can wear sleeveless long gown and the bridesmaids can wear one shoulder gown with a light color. But the catch here is the color of bride and bridesmaids’ dresses should complement each other. Another combination is with the bridesmaids’ black color with bride’s white color gown. The gunmetal color dresses of the bridesmaids will go perfect with the white color long gown of bride. This can keep you far from any dark shaded dresses on the day.

Girls can pick their own option and to look but a vibrant color with a one shoulder or mid length dress would make it fabulous with light color combs on the hair. Short length navy black dresses also can go nicely with a bright color shoes on the event. The bright color dresses for the bridesmaids is another option to get the stunning look on the wedding day. Mostly if the bridesmaids are happy to wear the short length dresses, it will make more attractive on the party day.

The latest trend is to keep the dress style of the bridesmaids short and sassy. The whole group will look amazing beside the bride if they wear the dresses with shades of coral. A little grey shade can keep it more natural and cool when you are walking towards the stage.

Unbelievably, I have seen some awesome trends among the US bridesmaids “flashing their asses” and more precisely capturing the colorful bare butt. Last time when I attended a wedding party in Mexico, the idea to show the bare butts had reached there and bridesmaids doing that really looked cheeky and naughty. Before witnessing all these I had a concept for differentiating between “look unique and look odd” but really the idea was not bad. Some of us including me were eager to jump into but probably I was not geared up to pick up and show the glitters of my bare butt.

Gone with the winds – the photo shoots saying “cheese” to flourish smiley pleasant impression in a wedding portrait. The trendy idea of flashing bare butts by the bridesmaids is being gossiped in the corners of the states and is getting more and more fame across US weddings. I was convinced that my colorful dress was not contending with the thirst of looking cool, behaving a bit naughty and going wild to enjoy each passing moment with dashing gorgeous bridesmaids’ shining asses. We really enjoyed it to its extreme.


Very shortly the wedding costumes would be redefined to fit into the imagination of future wedding photographic trends with our shinning golden asses easy to be uncovered for that fun.