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Top honeymoon destinations

Top honeymoon destinations

We recognise the importance of a great honeymoon; this once-in-a-lifetime trip allows you to really ‘push the boat out’ whether you enjoy unique safaris, fascinating tours, idyllic hideaways or small, character hotels.

Honeymoon holidays have evolved from the conventional beach holiday and are now as unique and wide-ranging as the couples taking them. Of course, a classic beach honeymoon can still be planned using the very best accommodation and services as you would expect, but a fantastic option is always to add a beach extension onto the end of your trip.

The best honeymoons incorporate everything you want and expect from one of the most important trips you will ever take, so whether your honeymoon ideas include relaxing on a desert island, or trekking through lush rainforest in search of exotic wildlife, our specialists will create a tailor-made itinerary that encompasses all your interests and passions, and at a pace that suits you.

Feast your eyes on some of the amazing images to give you food for thought…

For those who dream of paradise on earth, it is French Polynesia, where each idyllic image is brought to life in vibrant colour and heady, tropical luxuriance.

For such a small land mass there is a huge amount of variety in the landscapes, from the Society and Tuamotu archipelagos to the wild and rugged Marquesas Islands, and it is this exotic and romantic diversity that has attracted artists and writers alike, in search of solitude and inspiration.


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There is no escaping the fact that Mauritius boasts some of the world’s most perfect beaches – if you want your honeymoon to be about relaxation then look no further.

Part of the Mascarene Archipelago, a central plateau rises gently some 600 metres to mark the islands highest point, while the coastline is almost entirely fringed by coral reefs, making it just perfect for diving.



With a myriad of tiny islands and atolls scattered in the Indian Ocean, the azure waters of the lagoons and swaying palm trees lining the beach fulfil most honeymooners’ image of tropical paradise.

The Maldives are an idyllic place to escape the stresses of modern life without having to forego any creature comforts and with the luxury of our individually selected and opulent accommodation they really are the perfect choice for those looking for a sumptuous and lavish honeymoon experience.


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Formerly a place feared for its cannibals, the Fijian archipelago is a scatter of islands with verdant mountains rising over turquoise lagoons and perfect beaches.

Of the 330 islands that make up the Fiji archipelago barely 100 are inhabited, so it is still possible to stumble across deserted beaches, discover tumbling waterfalls in the jungle, dive off pristine coral reefs and visit tiny local villages that still follow a traditional way of life.



Scattered over an area the size of Western Europe, the 15 tiny islands that make up the Cook Islands sparkle brightly in the deep blue of the South Pacific.

Simply put, these precious islands are paradise. Even more relaxed than their neighbours, their volcanic peaks and perfect beaches are totally unspoiled: perfect for a relaxed beach honeymoon.




Soft, white sand squeaks underfoot as you walk along the beach. Ghost crabs scuttle to and fro and white fairy terns flutter overhead.

There is no sound apart from the lapping ocean and the wind whispering in the coconut palms. Your view: pale blue skies, smooth boulders and azure waters. This can only be the Seychelles.

Always a honeymoon favourite, the Seychelles’ new, luxury lodges have brought sophisticated comfort and service culture to these paradise islands.









Well we hope you enjoy and find inspiration for your honeymoon…..