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Wedding and Vintage Jewellery gems..

Wedding and Vintage Jewellery gems..

With the spot light falling on the London Jewellery scene this month, I thought we would chat jewellery.   I’m a sucker for heirloom jewellery. There is something so romantic about a timeless piece being passed down from one generation to another, gracing each bride’s beauty. So, when Jo Barnes recently sent over her charming new Chandelier collection, I instantly envisioned these pretties atop the tresses of many-a-bride for years to come. They’re just that stunning. There’s a look…



There are still soooo many Gatsby inspired pieces around Including our very own headband and earrings… a match for the Tiffany’s real thing!!


* Price from £30 please see Wonderful Wraps website

.. And if you fancy still going down the vintage road on the earrings the have a look at the selection of stunning pieces below;


We all go bananas for a little bit, ok, a lot of sparkle and shine, now don’t we? Well our newest 2013 collection is quite literally lighting things up this morning with all their sparkly gorgeousness and we can’t wait to show it off to you. To-die-for Couture Bridal Sashes (perfect to bring that extra bit of sparkle or attention to any dress.. also to fit any size.. double perfect!!)  Vintage Crystal Headbands and other delicious Bridal Jewellery are all handmade and will glam up any wedding day look to the max.


And to finish off our bridal jewellery special we would like to show you some of the most exquisite veils from our favorite wedding dress designer Lilli Marcs, from Sydney Australia…



This really has been a treat faced with all these amazing pieces… happy feasting!!