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Lets get colourful!!!

Lets get colourful!!!

Lets get out of those black and grey safe Winter colours and put on something sunny on that makes you and everyone around you smile. I just love yellow and pink during the Summer, every time I put it on it makes me so happy and as they say ‘when you smile, the World smiles back’!

Here’s a few gorgeous outfits which our favourite celebrities are wearing… we have the sexy and sassy Jennifer Lopez sporting a lime green dress from the Micheal Kors collection and Neon matching bright pink lush heals by Casadei. She takes risks and it pays off – one hot Mummy!!



The bright neon colours don’t stop at ‘Jenny From the Block’ we have the gorgeous Lea Michele sporting an stunning lace and sequin embellished dress from Elie Saab.



Continuing with our home grown Victoria Beckham; our Victoria isn’t going full on in her label’s; ensemble just a touch of bright blue. This outfit says I’m fashionable, stylish and cool Mum..   obviously is keeping David chomping at the bit (love him!!!).




If you are wanting just a snapshot of colour within our 2013 collection we have a stunning cashmere wrap edged with Neon Pink Feathers; just enough wow to have all your friends wanting to borrow it..




Until next time keep smiling with your shades on my WW followers xx



Images thanks to; US Magazine, Pop Sugar, La Model La Mafia