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The LOVE …post

The LOVE …post





Welcome to February. We romantic writers adore the world of love every second of every day, of every month – but this month in the calendar we truly dedicate to love. In celebration of that and Valentines Day we here at Wonderful Wraps would like to share what we LOVE..

To start, we have been devouring some of the most amazing white wedding dresses we have ever seen on the 2013 runways.. have a peek below;




Bright and virginal, many with one shoulder designs, fish tails and lots of cover ups, wraps and tulle..

I’d like to share a little about this past weekend and our trip to London where I was delighted to see the breathtaking Louis Vuitton window on Sloane Street.. they’ve moved away from Winter chic and embraced Spring’s new vibrant white trends..




Continuing our white theme.. the simple sheer fabrics gracing all the runways of London & Paris Fashion Week was definitely something to shout about and here at Wonderful Wraps we have been in love with these beautiful delicate pieces for quite sometime..






Just to remind you ladies, sadly sometimes we can take trends a little too far…..





For Valentine’s Day we’re also in love with all these special mouth-watering treats, from beautiful dusted biscuits to sickly sweet jellies..





So WW followers enjoy your own sweethearts this month and remember the joy of being in love, whether it be fashion, food or frolic’s..!


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