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Vintage Obsession – Ooh! Mrs James We Love You!

Vintage Obsession – Ooh! Mrs James We Love You!

We have a VERY special treat for all our readers this week! As we have been looking at the world of Vintage, predominantly 1920’s focused, it seemed fitting that the wonderful Jackie James should take the stand (or computer) and tell you her story and insatiable passion for Vintage, period! Jackie is the creator and owner of the fantastic website and blog ‘Ooh! Mrs James’ and has an ability to make words come to life. You can visualize textures, colors and smells just by reading her text and also become a huge fan of her styling and vintage fashion choices! So on that note, I will hand the space over to this talented lady .. ( and she’s a Burgess just like me – thats special … ha ha !)

‘Firstly I would like to point out I was never the girl who had childhood fantasies about walking down the aisle and recreating the fantasy with my Barbies or wrapping my mother’s net curtains round my head to fashion a makeshift veil. I was the girl who was always trying to get Ken’s knickers off to see what was underneath!

Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t interested in weddings as I am a bit of a girly girl when it comes to pretty dresses; who doesn’t love a bit of tulle!? But I was never ‘obsessed’. Having said that, when wedding season comes around I’m the first to volunteer my services to the bride-to-be as her matrimonial side kick. I don’t mind doing the dirty work, in fact I enjoy it! Trawling through lists of suppliers to find that all important particular shade of green vase or tracking down some  random whimsy that pops into the brides head are a pleasure, as the spoils at the end are worth every minute.
Getting to play with dresses made with layers of chiffon and lace, designed with perfection in mind, is my idea of heaven.

I also love seeing the whole day come together and the bride’s face when she sees the result of all the hard work. Styling venues is brilliant fun, you get the run of a mansion/castle/golf club(?) to yourself to create a platform for your ideas and finally set out all the bits you have been collecting throughout the engagement.

Why aren’t you a wedding planner, I hear you cry! Well, the simple truth is that I’m a bit of a crier and always have been. Remember that Cadburys Roses advert “thank you very much for feeding William, thank you, thank you, thank you very much!”? Yep, got me every time, so you can see what I’d be like at a wedding!

In my early 20s I tried my hand at being a wedding photography assistant for a while. At my first wedding job I did magic tricks for the guests so they would give me cigarettes. I also got quite tipsy and slurred to the bride how pretty she looked, before giving the groom a massive kiss at the end of the night! Not a glorious moment in a wedding career but it made me realise I should be attending them not working at them!

My breakthrough moment came after my own wedding when a female friend of my husbands asked me to help find her a vintage style outfit. Within 10 minutes of receiving her email I had compiled a list of suppliers and designers as long as my arm and off the top of my head with the promise of more to follow. Mr James glanced over and said “you do know you should be doing this for a career don’t you”.

My blog was born. It’s been live since January and has gathered momentum really quickly. In fact, I’ve just been invited to my first bridal catwalk show as press!

So far I have blogged about many amazing bridal suppliers, such as Wonderful Wraps, and have been lucky enough to meet a few in person, including Joanna Hehir, the wedding dress designer who I was a bit star struck over! It has been inspiring discovering all the lovely wedding folk who are all so passionate about what they do.

It is so inspiring in fact, that I have decided to open my own bridal boutique (a Wonderful Wraps exclusive) and have been sourcing gorgeous dresses mainly from the 1950s. I love this era and desperately wanted to be in Grease at the dance-offs!

Vintage lace is incredibly popular at the moment, it has a timeless quality about it that can be accessorised to bring it into the modern age, or you can go full throttle ‘antique’ style. A lot of my dresses have some lace included in the fabric as I love it so much but I am also on the look out for 30s/40s originals as this era is also enjoying a comeback right now.

So I’ll end this post by saying thank you to Wonderful Wraps for letting me hijack their blog space for a while. And I hope you will all come and visit me at oohmrsjames.com to enjoy my featured suppliers and keep up to date with the progress of my boutique. I will leave you with some inspiration for a vintage themed wedding;

The Roaring 20s!

The Tango ‘Artist’ Dress.

The Artist was a massive film this year & started a new craze for the 20’s style!

Black Tango Dress.

These amazing dresses were sourced from Leluxe Clothing [link www.leluxeclothing.com] and are surprisingly affordable!Here you can find dresses, underslips and a few head pieces.

Image from The Great Gatsby .

Leluxe Clothing will also be supplying outfits for the new movie The Great Gatsby. So get one before they all sell out!

Wonderful Wraps Marabou Stole from 2012 Photo Shoot.

*( image credits to Candy Floss and Bowties Photography)

Wonderful Wraps Ribbed Faux Fur Shrug from 2012 Photo shoot.

Of course the outfit is not complete without a Faux Fur Shrug or Marabou Stole from Wonderful Wraps!

1920’s style cloche hat


For some lovely 1920s cloche style hats, check out Orizu on Etsy[link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/90515368/green-gables-green-1920s-cloche-hat-with?ref=sr_gallery_7&ga_search_query=1920s+hat&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_ref=auto1&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade1920s+hat]

Greens Restaurant and Oyster Bar.

And the venue to have your prohibition knees up?

Greens Restaurant & Oyster bar [link:http://www.weddingvenues.com/venue6328.html]

Fabulous Flapper Girl Fashion!

And finally Lipstick & curls [link:http://www.lipstickandcurls.net] for the flapper girl make over!’

‘Ooh!Mrs James’ you have out done yourself! What a wonderful taste of 1920’s vintage style you have given to us on a delicious plate. Thank you so much for joining us on The WW Blog – its been visually delightful and gives great inspiration for our ladies looking to style a 1920’s inspired wedding or event. If any of our community want to see more Vintage inspiration, pop over to ‘Ooh! Mrs James‘ website and blog – you won’t be disappointed!