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7 Ways to Wear a Brooch!

7 Ways to Wear a Brooch!

Ladies, the brooch is back! It’s an accessory that has been around for centuries but this year it has made a huge comeback and it’s the HOT, must have item to add to your wardrobe. The trick to stay on trend is to try and mix old with new – and yes, that means routing around your Mother’s (or grandmother’s) jewelry treasure chest! Dig out the cameos, grab any sparkling jewel you can find and add it to your wardrobe to totally dress up a well worn look or embellish a simple Wedding or evening gown. Its the magic touches that make an outfit – and this is one that makes a dazzling statement.

So let me offer you some ideas of how to wear this super versatile, incredibly feminine jewelry item!

In the Fashion world, Freda Pinto recently demonstrated how to rock a pin with a Blazer suit. This is a perfect example of how to add femininity to a masculine look  Рusing this touch gives the Blazer personality and interest.

Freida Pinto adding some glamour to her Gucci Red Suit at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival with a Modern Brooch style.

*( image credit and thanks to Fabsugar.com)

Another key point to consider with a brooch is placement. I personally love using a pin in areas that you would not necessarily expect. I think a brooch looks so striking when worn centrally on a high neck outfit. This really is a way to make a statement and have the brooch in a key area that catches the eye of those around you. Bold, captivating – modern or vintage – I love this placement to style up a pin!

Blake Lively wearing a ‘High Neck’ Brooch.

*( image credit to Frazer Harrison/Getty Images – for more ideas for brooches go to jewelry.about.com)

The Duchess of Cambridge is also partial to wearing a brooch to embellish her beautiful style. She is a great example of mixing ‘Old’ with ‘New’. She loves to wear High Street labels as well as high end fashion designers creations and her jewelry choices are often carefully chosen vintage gems. This way to wear a brooch adds historical depth and vintage appeal to a modern dress. She really is exemplary for this styling technique. This pin also showed support for Canada on the Royal Tour of this Country earlier in 2012.

The Duchess of Cambridge wearing a Maple Leaf Brooch.

*( image credit and thanks to Rex Features)

SJP often rocks the vintage brooch look. As Carrie Bradshaw she was often styled with the over sized Flower Pins and other dramatic versions of the brooch. But in recent style choices she has showed a toned down way to wear a more subtle slice of bling. A conservative way to wear your brooch is on the lapel of your shirt,coat or jacket – just to give it an extra dimension. Subtle yet effective – I personally wear my collection on my lapels just to give a piece my personal touch:)

Sarah Jessica Parker showing how to dress a coat lapel with sparkles!

*( Original source Pacificcoastnews.com – for more go to Stylebistro.com)

For our Brides who are looking for some brooch inspiration, another way to add a feminine yet sexy touch to your wedding gown is to add the pin to the nape of your neck – if your gown so allows. Dresses that do up at the neck and show a little bare back scream for a touch of sparkle in this area, especially if you are sporting an ‘up do’. Sassy and subtle – don’t think that pins have to be worn on your front – to fasten the back of the dress has just as much impact!

Nicole Kidman shows how to wear a brooch to fasten your dress at the neck.

*( photo credit to Evan Agostini/Getty Images – sourced from jewelry.about.com)

My 6th tip for wearing this super hot accessory is to actually wear it in your hair for the ultimate hair bling. This is where you can use a sentimental, vintage piece and incorporate it into a beautiful styled hair arrangement.

Alice and Olivia Wedding Up Do from Bridal Fashion Week 2012.

*( image thanks and credits to Alice and Olivia – sourced from Brides.com)

My final style tip is to not limit brooches to just wear on your person! Use them to style up a simple clutch, or a beautiful pair of shoes. Whether it be for your Wedding day or an evening event, a brooch can add dazzle and a finishing magical touch.

Bridal Shoe Trends – add a brooch for extra sparkle!

*( image sourced from freeweddingideas.net)

There are a number of beautiful, vintage style brooches that we offer in our accessories collection that would be perfect to add a magical touch to your Bridal gown or even a daytime Blazer.

‘Vintage Bridal Bow Brooch Pin’ Wonderful Wraps

The ‘Catherine’ Pearl and Diamant√© Brooch Pin.









And for a real touch of ‘Vintage’ this is the ONE!

Vintage Pearl and Crystal Brooch Pin.

*( all brooches are available to buy in the accessories section on our website)

These Pins are perfect to accent, or to close one of our Wonderful Wraps Capes or Shawls.

Ladies , pretty brooches are here and here to stay. Bring out the inner Elizabeth Taylor in you – and SHINE!

*( Featured image sourced from tuppencehapennyvintage.blogspot.com)