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Fairytale Theme – Wedding Fashion Trend for 2012!

Fairytale Theme – Wedding Fashion Trend for 2012!

Fairytale style seems to be everywhere in 2012. Especially in the bridal market. I suppose the premise has never gone away – this is the number 1 choice for many brides. After all, most of us do want a ‘Happily Ever After’ ending if at all possible!

But I have been watching closely with trends both on the high street and in the bridal sales arena and anything and everything ‘Fairytale’ seems to be definitely ranking very high as a number one choice for designers and buyers alike.

Snow White in a Yellow Cape from the new film ‘Mirror Mirror’

*(see more images in People.com, pictures by Jan Thijs/Relativity Media/Everett)

This week saw the launch in the US of ‘Mirror Mirror’ – the first of 2 blockbusters based around Snow White. This being the more child friendly of the two and on the 1st of June ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ hits the movie Theatres. This film’s style and cinematography looks particularly interesting and is sure to push the already dominant trend into overdrive.

Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

(* see more images on Collider.com , pictures from Teen Vogue)

With the fashion of Fairytale spilling over from the silver screen into our wardrobes, there is so much room to be creative! You can go for the whole look of Prince Charming with White Horses and the perfect Princess dress and accessories or you can be the complete antithesis – be the Evil Queen and use the drama to full effect on your big day. I love the thought of styling a bride with ‘The Ice Queen’ theme in the back of my mind. If anyone in the UK saw the Superbowl ( or just watched it like I did for half time events!) you will have seen Madonna in all her glory. Her style was that of a Cleopatra/Mythical Egyptian Queen (head to toe in Givenchy Haute Couture) was playful yet utterly striking. It played with ancient myth and all the baddies you can think of from the Fairytales we know from our youth – but I think would be such a great take on the genre for an alternative wedding day style thrill!

Madonna in Givenchy Haute Couture and Philip Treacy Headpiece.

(* Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)See more images on Fashionista.com.

On the other side of my dark fairytale obsession, one could stick with tradition and be Cinderella for the day and marry her Prince Charming (heres my smultz attack again!)

I put together a little collection of all things ‘Princess’ to offer some ideas and inspiration to add some dreamy into this post!

Fairytale Dress,Shoe,Cake and Hair ideas.

The idea that you could indeed be ‘Snow white’ for your utterly fabulous Wedding day does make me regress to my childhood. Didn’t nearly all of us share the common thought of wanting to be a fairytale character or princess when its our turn to have a big white wedding day?! Even if this dream never came to fruition I think that it would be a sad day when this is not something little girls (and boys?) aspire to be part of in their life time. I am socially liberal – but I am also a hopeless romantic at heart and If I allow my brain to run free. I try to believe that I would choose the role of the’Ice Queen’ but of course the truth is Cinderella is bursting out of my over romantic,thespian soul.

Whichever way you may go with this creative genre, there certainly is so much choice to play with. I came across this Snow White inspired dress and fell in love with entire look.

Snow White Styled Dress and Ruby Red lips.

If you need to finish off your Fairytale style, Wonderful Wraps can offer extensive accessories that would suit this fantasy princess image and make you sparkle (Fairy dust not included!)

Wonderful Wraps Princess Tiara.

So, whether you choose to play the part of the ‘Snow Queen’ or the ‘Fairytale Princess’ for your special day, you will be choosing a theme that is both creative and extensive …. you may not know when to stop!I must stop now … Im off to my Castle to let down my hair x

Fairytale Castle Location

(* Image credits and thanks to Jan Thijs/Relativity Media/Everett,Teen Vogue, Andy Lyons/Getty Images,’Image Board’ featuring crystal shoes from Dino Direct,Hair Style from Project Wedding, Wedding Shoes by Manolo Blahnik taken from Disney Wedding Blog, Fairytale Castle Cake taken from Disneys Wedding Blog, Fairytale Dress Shot from Castles and Carriages Blog, Princess Tiara from Wonderful Wraps Limited Collection 2012).