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A Story of Passion – Little Stitches Guest Blog.

A Story of Passion – Little Stitches Guest Blog.


Passion is key in the world of Online Business. It oozes through the text that is written, it’s what makes the words come alive and what drives all of us to produce quality products ( whether that be a blog or a beautiful design). I have quickly realized that in the world of Online Sales and Social Media , those that have genuine passion and a desire to be innovative shine through – it’s personality and the love that shows in the finished article that makes a person want to ‘buy’ in – this could be the product on offer or to the persons entire business model that they have created.

Little Stitches, an Online Company developed and created by the amazing Liz (Lizzie as many of us know her!) is all of the above. Her warmth and love of what she does is conveyed in every form of communication and beautiful, handcrafted  pieces that she herself makes. She literally puts her ‘heart and soul’ into to everything she has to offer.  Let me hand you over to this inspirational women and allow her to explain in her own words what she does and show some offerings that may be perfect for any of our Brides-to-be! Take it away Lizzie …

Liz – Creator and Owner of Little Stitches.

“Hello! I’m Liz and I am so very pleased to have been asked to guest blog for the lovely, lovely Wonderful Wraps, a concept, brand and designs I love a little more each time I see them.

So, let me introduce myself:

I am incredibly lucky to be the owner and designer of the bespoke, hand-crafted gift company Little Stitches, where my passion for of all things heart-shaped gets to blossom.

After a short career break I needed a flexible and fulfilling work solution. I decided that the only answer was to come up with a venture for myself. A way of paying the bills and offering a healthy work/family balance combining my skills, experience and the things I am really passionate about. So, a little plan was hatched (over a number of glasses of wine and a decent amount of umming and ahhhing) and that plan was Little Stitches.

The main concept behind Little Stitches is to offer a range of gifts that are all hand-crafted, made with a total attention to detail, locally sourced (and of course manufactured) and that can be totally personalised in order to reflect the care you feel towards the person you are giving the gift to.

I am also very lucky that with several of my ranges I get to work with another of my great loves…Weddings.

I love, no, I mean LOVE weddings. The romance, the excitement, the butterflies and the whole planning process. So for me the perfect way to mark one of the most memorable moments in your life would be….yes, a heart.


‘Wedding’ Liz!


Wedding Flowers.








I’d also love to introduce you to a few Little Stitches goodies

Personalised Wedding Hearts: Padded, fabric, hanging hearts, hand-embroidered with the Happy Couples’ name and wedding date. These hearts are a beautiful way to combine one of the most romantic symbols with one of the most romantic occasions.

Personalized Padded Heart with Ivory Ribbon

Personalized Pink Heart with Deep Pink Ribbon

Personalized Hanging Heart – great Idea for your Wedding Day keep sake!

Hanging hearts can easily lend themselves to other gift or decoration options. A perfect Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour thank you present, or perhaps a way to represent a wedding table with a name or number. Maybe a little token of thanks to guests as a wedding favour…the options really go as far as your imagination will take you.

Pink Hanging Heart with Pink Satin Ribbon – a perfect Bridesmaid’s gift!

Hanging Heart with Table Plan Detail.






Purple Hanging Heart with Table Plan Feature.


Decorating Venues: Both painted wooden hearts and padded hanging hearts look beautiful in all numbers of venues, hanging from trees, pews, chairs….well, personally I think that wherever there is a hook you should hang a heart!


Personalized Bunting by Little Stitches.


Bunting: Beautiful double sided bunting. The flags can be any size and in any material so really the options are endless and can accommodate any colour-scheme…vintage, neutral, bright and bold or pretty white to decorate both inside and out. I also offer a personalised option and can add names, dates or sayings to make the bunting totally bespoke and unique for your occasion.

Personalized Bespoke Bunting – a great Wedding Decoration for a vintage feel.


White Wedding Bunting.

Finally let me just share the ‘Me & You’ range of cushions.

Soft and snuggly wool felt cushions filled with a feather pad. These cushions are just ideal as a wedding gift for the Special Couple, perfect to decorate a sofa or bed and couldn’t be more personal.

‘Me’ and ‘You’ Cushion Covers Bespoke to your needs!

Fab idea for the Bride and Groom!

So, that’s it from me for now. A big thank you to Wonderful Wraps for allowing me to introduce myself to you all and I hope to have some of you visit ‘me’ and Little Stitches”.

I’m sure you will all see now what I meant by Liz putting her ‘heart’ and ‘soul’ into everything. Passion is something that cannot be taught – you either have it or you don’t. This is where I feel the work of Little Stitches and Wonderful Wraps marry so well together – we LOVE what we do and want to make the world a little more exciting by sharing quality products made with the intention of making our customers smile! I do hope this feature has brought a slice of sunshine to all of you today and make you want to fulfill your passion – its so worth it!

NOTE/ For the month of May 2012, Little Stitches and Wonderful Wraps are running a joint promotion whereby for every order Wonderful Wraps receives in this time frame Little Stitches will offer 10% off any of their products! Just add ‘Little Stitches Promo’ on the order note section when making a purchase with WW and please use promo code ‘LSWW10’ when contacting Liz to purchase an item from their website.

* A massive thank you to Liz and all the beautiful images from Little Stitches Gifts Portfolio!