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The Proposal: – Yes or No?!

The Proposal: – Yes or No?!

The Proposal is sometimes the most difficult, nerve racking and tricky part of the whole Wedding process, in my own opinion. As I have been away for a while and celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my now husband in sunny Barbados (where we met one fateful night!), it got me thinking whilst watching young lovers frolicking on the beach as to how the journey to marital bliss begins?! Is there a method to the perfect Proposal? Should it be grandiose or a very reserved, one- on – one affair? I suppose it really is up to the individual couple and each to their own. From my experience ( and this has happened to me twice!) I feel it is best when it is organic – a personal, reflective experience which has focus more on the want to spend as many years as you have in this lifetime with each other rather than the pomp and ceremony that many use to gain the words that the individual (male or female) wants to hear. This being a big fat YES from the bottom of the respective other halves lungs!

With the above in mind I thought it would be fun and of interest to some of you who are thinking about getting down on one knee to read a couple of real life stories of proposals – and the different styles taken by these lovely people. After all, here at Wonderful Wraps we see ourselves as offering ‘Real’ designs for ‘Real’ people focusing on quality and attention to detail rather than quantity and commercial standard! So why not let you into some stories of how the wedding journey began from ‘Real’ couples!?

Darren, Phoebe and Larry the Lobster!

Lets start with Phoebe and Darren. What can I say … a gorgeous couple, had been dating for almost 10 years, met pretty young but grew together. Darren being incredibly practical and a no frills approach to life, Phoebe being creative,artistic and in the best possible sense of the word – DRAMATIC! How on earth was Darren going to propose to this wanna be thespian! And hope that she would say Yes! Well I’ll tell you how he did it (and in my opinion the perfect way to bring Phoebe down to earth!). In Phoebes words, ” It was a hot day in barbados. Darren decided that on this day he wanted to go on a boat tour of the island. He had hired a guy to take us on a private tour over to the East Coast and I thought nothing more than thank you for taking the initiative and being slightly romantic! so we left our other friends that we were on holiday with and boarded a small boat (made me slightly nervous) and went on our tour! We braved the rough waters at the North of the Island and made it round to a private bay that was like a scene from a post card. We got dropped off and Daz suggested a swim and a snorkel before the boat driver was going to cook fresh lobster and bread fruit on the beach. It was glorious! Sun, clear blue sea, Darren in a relaxed and romantic state of mind – perfect! Then, when we got out of the sea ready to eat our freshly prepared food cooked over a wood pit built by Rumpy (yes that was is name!) I saw Daz reach to a branch on a tree and at that point my heart stood still. He had actually tied the engagement ring to the tree before getting in the water – a ring he had had specifically made and designed by himself in England. So there, on this deserted beach, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. This was and still is one of the most romantic things he has ever done but done in such a natural and understated way. I found out later that he had borrowed some cash from one of our friends so he could organize the boat trip with lobster and Champagne on board as he suddenly decided that the day he proposed was the ‘right; day. The ring was designed by Daz so it would interlock with my wedding ring and we still have Larry the Lobster today 10 years on!’

Darrens personally designed Engagement and Wedding Rings


Well, WW readers, thats one way to do it!

Now, lets hear Lucy and Ash’s story. Over to you Lucy ….

‘So we have been dating for 8 months and book a holiday to the US – New York- Chicago- San Francisco- Los Angeles and ending up in Las Vegas.
We’re in Upper Class ( I worked for Virgin Atlantic) and I’m having a sleep. Ash goes to the galley to tell the crew about his plans to pop the question.
They all fuss over him and think it’s fab. He explains he doesn’t have a ring as wants me to choose it myself.
They have a box of ‘roses’ in the Galley and help him make a ring out of the foil wrappers (which he then keeps safe for 2 days!) When we get off the plane, the crew were so lovely and gave us both a bottle of champagne!

On our second day there, I remember it was a Sunday and we had a lazy, relaxing morning at the hotel. Ash suggested a trip to Central Park and he told me to take my time getting ready, no rush(bless him!) He knew I wouldn’t want to look like a complete mess on this special day!
We caught the subway to CP and when we got there he said we should take a  horse and carriage ride around the park. I thought that was such a sweet suggestion. It was January, freezing cold and the park was snow covered Рit was like a picture postcard.

He told me that we didn’t have to take the carriage that was at the front and to take my time choosing one that I liked the look of. I chose a red and white carriage dressed with red roses as in my words ‘It looks like a wedding one’ ha ha! Little did I know!

Halfway around whilst the chap was pointing out scenes from Home Alone 2, with us huddled under our blanket, Ash pulled a dozen cadbury’s roses out of his pocket and threw them on to the seat opposite. Me failing to see the romantic intention just thought he was a love for bringing chocolate along!
From there, it all happened so quickly. Before I knew it, Ash was down on one knew in the carriage. I thought he had slipped off the seat and was trying to help him up! He then said … “Lucy, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife?”. I giggled – thinking he was messing around. I mean, what did he expect when presenting me with a tin foil ring????
Then I saw the colour drain from his face, and I knew he was being serious and gave him a huge hug and a resounding ‘YES!!!!!!!’ He explained the ring situation and explained that we were going shopping for one immediately in New york.¬†Before we’d even got out of the carriage, Ash said “well, we are going to Vegas next week so we could …. you know..”My immediate reaction was “we couldn’t, could we??!

Lucy and Ash’s Wedding Rings

Well, thats exactly what they did Ladies! Ash had already asked Lucy’s Dad’s permission before they flew and straight after their visit to Chicago they flew to Las Vegas and had a Hawaiin themed wedding and the ceremony was beamed to all family members on the internet! It wasn’t until the flight home that they both realised that they didn’t even live together yet. But, hey, minor detail when we are talking stories of true love ( oh the smultz!)

The ‘Blue Hawaii’ Elvis Wedding!

What a wonderful story! It seems that no matter how or where the Proposal takes place , there is one common denometer .. LOVE and a genuine desire to be together. The ‘frills’ are just a pleasant accessory – the cherry on the cake!

My first proposal was just plane crazy (pardon the pun!). My then boyfriend, who was a commercial pilot, took me to a famous airshow and convinced me to do an interview on Airline business and young pilots .. so i did! Whilst both he and I were rambling on the microphone about the Airline industry to approximately 20 000 people a small aircraft flew behind us and i knew from the crowd that it was not just an aircraft! There was a big banner trailing behind it saying ‘ I love you Trilby!Will you marry me?’. Other than heart failure I was lost for words. And how on earth with this huge display and being filmed by the History Channel do you say ‘ Ever so sorry, NO!’ God love him but I think that this sort of pressure is tough as you get so caught up in the moment. The love was there but the moment was overwhelming! But no regrets as you live and learn – even if that is a hard and heart wrenching process!

I think I’ll stick to this time round – a beach in Rhode Island, an organic picnic pre organized, a bottle of organic rose from the local vineyard, my now husband having a surf and then proceeding to take his wet suit off and then pull his shorts down (I hear you all scream!!) and produce the most beautiful ring from a place you don’t want to in visage! But for me , perfect! Totally organic in all senses of the word.

Long live Romance and Love – and let the Proposal be right for you and begin your Wonderful Wedding journey – Cheers Ladies and Gents!


My Engagement and Wedding Ring!


(* featured image thanks and credits to Marriage Proposals and Wedding Ideas)